Welcome to Your Introductory Settings Work Training

Please bookmark this page now so you can find it again.

Here are your course materials. This is a fairly complete program I take four hours to present in person. It will take you from knowing nothing about this approach to knowing and using advanced skills and understanding.

Soon you’ll be taking apart reactions that may have limited you for years. 

Don’t expect to spend two minutes here and be able to assess how well any of this works. 

That would be like exercising for two minutes and deciding it doesn’t work. 

Only by actually doing it will you get any benefit.

Please do yourself a favor and do the processes. By the end of this page you will be different in a way that matters, and the change lasts.

Here is what I suggest you do here: 

  • Step 1: Pick an issue
  • Step 2: Learn and use the methods below in order. 90% of the time the charge on the issue will be zero or near zero by the time you get to the end of the page.
  • Step 3: If it is not zero, repeat whichever process(es) you like most until the issue is at zero or very close. 
  • Step 4: To get more results, pick another issue and repeat. 
  • If you do this one one issue after another your life will take a new direction toward freedom, increasingly aligned with your authentic self

Most of the exercises below talk about overcoming an obstacle because we all have obstacles. However, you can use the processes for most things that bother you.

If you do have an obstacle (or can frame your issue as an obstacle) the language applies directly.

Issues You Could Focus On

Choose one, such as:

  •  A core (typical, recurring) feeling: rejection, fear, nervousness, uncertainty, self-criticism, not good enough, anger, sorrow, anxiety, etc. Use the name of the feeling as your topic.
  • A memory you don’t like (not a hugely traumatic one – this is not the place to deal with that. Please find someone qualified to help.) Name it as below.
  • A future event you want be more calm about, with all your resources available. Also name it as below.
  • A relationship. Past, present, or even hoped-for. Use the person’s name or what you call them (Mom, Dad, John, Sue). This triggers all your reactions about the person, which is what we want in Settings Work.  


  1. Get as clear as you can on your own topic.
  2. Give it a meaningful name, like a movie name, so you can refer to it the same way before and after to test intensity changes. Use whatever appeals to you but if you’re stuck use one of these:
    1. The [whatever] Event is a way to name a past or future event.
    2. This [whatever] Situation is a way to name a present situation. 
  3. Get the intensity of your reaction to the issue, from 0 (no reaction) – 10 (hair on fire). Just let a number come to mind. If numbers don’t work for you use small-medium-large (with any gradation you want to add).
  4. Then set your issue aside. Mentally put it in a box, on a back shelf, in a closet in your mind, and close the door. Yes this is counterintuitive. Yes it is. 
  5. Choose a method below (start with the first one if you’re new here). Follow along with the words and actions (aloud is best), exactly as recorded.
  6. After using each method check back with your original issue and get the new intensity. Somehow (no one knows how but it is standard procedure) your issue will be addressed even if the language is not related to it. Your system is smart enough to translate. 
  7. If the intensity has not gone to zero out of 10 intensity, refocus on what still has a charge. Treat that as a new issue and repeat or continue with the methods below.
  8. Use the method above (1-7) until you feel you know the process well enough to do it on your own with your own language about your own issue. Try it and come back to the recordings if you need help.

For Best Results

Use the Integration video after using some change methods. Rapid change can be slightly disorienting so leave space for that. Drink water (before and after) and allow time to sleep. Finally, don’t try to do all this at once.

How to use this page

If you know your way around personal change work scroll down to Meridian Mindfulness Meditation and Neural Reassignment for the breakthrough Settings Methods.

Otherwise this is organized to help someone new to this work get the most from it. Some is instruction you only need once. Repeating the Meridian Mindfulness Meditation training will be helpful after using it a time or two, to be sure you are using all the parts.

After going through it all once, use what appeals to you on topics of your choice.

Here’s the disclaimer. By using any of this material you agree to its terms. Stay within what you can handle. This is powerful stuff.

  • The Deep Background – Do Not Skip

This video may look like it was filmed through a time machine tuned to the 1940s, but the information is cutting edge. You’ll learn how patterns get established and why change is hard. I mention EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) in this video. I’m a certified EFT practitioner and it was out of EFT that Settings Work arose.

  • How Things Work

This will give you new ways to think about obstacles and how you work.

  • Integration

Do this after you do some of the processes below as the way to end your session. It’s up top here so you can find it easily.

  • The Points

    Watch this if you don’t know the acupressure points. Once you learn them you’re good to go: 

  • Opposites Introduction and Simple Method

    We start slow for those new to this kind of work. If you are new, do this one first to get warmed up, but continue on to the others. They get a lot more interesting. This is mor or less directly from EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques). If you know EFT or other such methods feel free to go to the next video. Opposites is a very simple yet very powerful way to change how you feel about something, rapidly. You can use any topic that has a charge.

  • Advanced Use: To use Opposites on any feeling just name it (or even say “this feeling” if you cannot name it). Do this process through one or two rounds (or more), and the intensity of your issue will almost surely decrease. If it doesn’t go down you may have too complex a target, so chunk it down to the simplest piece you can identify and focus only on that. Then do another and another. This is like taking apart a wall brick by brick.
  • If the intensity seems to be going up you may be becoming more fully aware of how you actually feel about the topic.
  • Finally there can be complex situations where this approach is stopped by other factors, such it not being safe to feel happy or not being safe to feel safe. If you can identify a topic like that, use it (It’s not safe to feel safe / It is safe to feel safe). Notice memories, “random” thoughts that come up, bodily sensations, etc. That’s all useful information.

Here is the one caveat or warning in this whole process. If you have major trauma do NOT try to address it with these methods. It is NOT helpful to get triggered into re-experiencing such events. Focus on something small and get help with the big things. Thanks for acting responsibly on this.

  • Opposites/Exploration Form

This takes the “Opposites” method introduced above to another level. Again, you can apply it to any issue you can identify once you learn the method. The idea is to cover all the contrasting thoughts and feelings involved in the issue, giving each side its best shot. Don’t be afraid of being extreme or silly. That may be just what’s needed. 

Meridian Mindfulness Meditation Instruction (essential before doing the session) Here’s is where the really new, original material starts. You might want to review this after you’ve done the practice a couple of times to remind yourself of the parts you’ve dropped out. There is quite a bit to absorb in one pass but once you get it, it’s easy.
Meridian Mindfulness Meditation Session

Meridian Mindfulness Meditation is one of the two most powerful methods I know (the other is Neural Reassignment, below). Doing Meridian Mindfulness Meditation (M3 to friends) once or twice a day will change your life. That sounds too simple but what happens is that you change the patterns that run your life when you do this practice. If you do that consistently your life will run differently. The quality of the change is that you will consistently move toward reduced charge on whatever you focus on, then toward more expansion. This can bring about dramatic changes. It is my daily practice and I see no end to what it will do.

This is the “Negativa” half of the process, used to neutralize the charge on a reaction you don’t want. Name a feeling, person, event or situation that has an unwanted charge, do this and see what happens.

For the “Positiva” simply name a positive trait you would like to strengthen. Try that as well, once you know the method. The Positive feels quite different from the Negativa, just so you know. It’s much more gradual, while the Negativa can have more obvious effects.

As a beginner please do not do this more than twice a day (morning and night are good) for the first two weeks. Think of it as an intense physical exercise and let your system get used to it. Once your system is used to a higher rate of change you can do it more if you want. Some people do it a lot at times, but pay attention to how much change your system is comfortable with absorbing and back off if you sense you’re close to a limit.

  • Neural Reassignment Introduction

Have you ever talked to your neurons? They’re listening.  Once through this and you’ll know how to follow along with the method in the next audio recording.


    • Neural Reassignment Session

If your first obstacle is still present focus on that. If it is gone pick another topic and take it down.  This is a shorter version of the full method.

  • What’s Next?

Now what? Imagine a full immersion in this knowledge? What if you …

  • Understood everything that’s going on here (there’s a lot I didn’t explain so you could get right to the experience)?
  • Really knew how to use these methods confidently, with yourself and even with others?
  • Had my personal help applying them to big life issues to clear major obstacles out of your life? Things like stored up anger, memories of failure, fear of success, stuff from the past that holds you down, limiting thoughts and feelings about money, connection with others. Sounds nasty, I know, but you’re carrying all that around already. We’ll be letting it all go and reclaiming the energy you have invested in creating and maintaining those “constructed realities.” Then you can use it for things you’d really like.

I’m offering a course sometime early this year (2014). Enrollment is limited because I want to be able to engage as fully as possible with everyone.

 I’ll also be offering an optional Practitioner Track, which is a separate discussion each week where we dissect what happened. You’ll learn to use this work with others. There will be a private Facebook group for each track to share results, questions and so on, that I will participate in.

The cost will be only $147 for the main course. The price is low because it’s my first time offering it online, so I’ll be learning a lot as we do this as well. The practitioner track is an extra $50.

You get a great bonus for being part of this program, which is free access to the next “edition” which will be more polished. To get on the list, fill out the form below.


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